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Wooden blinds in a living room
dream of chipmunks hoarding
nuts and woodchucks shush
the rabbit slurping
in his evening tea.

I snap its eyelids open,
all forty nine but one,
and a winter’s morning
d r aft startles
into conversation.

The city’s decked
in white
, said Left,
She soon will walk
the aisle
She’s rather dead,
said droopy Right, This
is her very last

The limbs of trees cold
stiff like Death so Right
knew she was right, ’til
a cheeky leaf did dare
to sneeze. Bridal showers!
perked Left, delight!

Virgin skin untouched
by men
, mused Left
the less-used prude.
Right spoke for snow-
scabbed branches, sagging
like gum much-chewed,
Do virgin uterine
walls stay taut
or prolapse
their bloody fall?

I zipped my fleece
so naked sheep
may bring my bickering
breasts to peace.
A lady’s court
and wrestling rings
may choose to sport
such chilly discourse.
But – it’s hard to be
a referee
while freezing one’s own