She should’ve sensed it coming. Perhaps if she didn’t live in maternity pyjamas all day she would’ve felt her belly expanding like the rain cloud that brought the storm. But even the half-empty nutella jar didn’t pump her with enough serotonin uppers this time.

Her words pitter-pattered down like pellets of non-rain, annoying and unnecessary. She did not see the skies hidden behind the dark shroud that unveiled itself in an unforgettable instant and leashed his tornado around her. In a matter of moments the winds had stopped and life continued outside her, oblivious to the hail stones that continued to stomp within her.

Life continued outside her, in skinny chai tea lattes and nameless interstates. Life continued outside her, in worlds made of lego and barefoot experiments on concrete. Life continued outside her, in the babe that tugged in frustration at breasts that refused to let-down.

She knew the storm had passed…this time. Unsure of the damage sustained within, she longed for battle wounds that gave her reason to hurt and means to heal.