Mommyness must be self-correcting in order to avoid annihilation by the far superior forces of toddlerness. Being the masochistic resilient momma that I am, I dared to venture out yet again into the urban jungle with my boys, but this time of course, I was prepared. I stuffed my tattered lime-green bag as if in anticipation of the earthquake’s aftershock (what was up with that?) and took the single stroller this time because Nibbles happily announced that he’d ride his “motorbike” all the way.

It was rather nice actually – the lights of the city dancing on the Hudson and the cool-enough breeze tickling my ears (oh wait, that was just my frizzy hair playing humidity indicator again). “Isn’t this beautiful Nibbles? Check out that awesome reflection on the river” I asked. Nibbles scrunched his eyebrows, “Uh, where’s the moon mamma?” Spoilsport. Next thing I know he’ll be asking for trees when there’s a perfectly good stack of cemented seating to climb over and want sharks to swim with when one can watch them in slow motion plopped on the couch next to the air-conditioner and want real strawberries in milk instead of Red 40- colored sugar syrup. Bah!

“Let’s go faaaar away, ok?” he pleaded. “Sure you’re not tired Nibbles?” I checked. “Nope. I want to go far far away”, he insisted. So we went far far away. And anybody who’s been a mommy for 0.25 seconds (or not) can tell you that the instant we hit the farthest point on the boardwalk Nibbles decided to snuggle into the stroller, which was totally possible, because that was also the exact instant that Baby Byte had a sleep attack and snuggled into the mei-tai on me.

I hobbled back home pushing the stroller with one outstretched hand careful not to bump into my Baby Byte bulge while the other hand wrestled with the @#$!in motorbike. I did manage my coolest supermom-in-full-control look as some happy-houring folks walked by; if only the damn firefighter siren in Nibbles’ backpack hidden beneath my humongous survival bag didn’t decide to switch on at the loudest setting. Mommyness implies accepting and submitting to the fact that toddlerness is always one step ahead.