NP : I’ve got him pinned …get the lights! And don’t forget the turtle.
BB : *panics* Where’s the turtle? I don’t see the turtle. Are you sure the turtle’s here?
NP : How can we do without the turtle? Do you realize that we are working on a diminishing window of opportunity here? I can’t hold him down any longer
Nibbles: *on cue* Mama nooo sleeeep!

NP : *laughs nervously* No baby, no sleep. Of course not! How about a song, eh? What would you like to hear?
Nibbles: Mmm-hmm-hmm-hmm
NP : *carefully decoding* Tum ko dekha, to ye khayaaal aayaaa…
Nibbles: No mama! Mama no sing! Want lap-pop (laptop)

NP Curses self for attempting a Jagjit Singh and recalibrates.
NP : Twinkle, twinkle…
Nibbles: No Twinkle! Lap-pop
NP : Edel-weiiiiss…
Nibbles: No Edel!

NP shifts gears abruptly
NP : Goodnight room! Goodnight window!
Nibbles: *grins approvingly* Night Moon!
NP : *relieved* Goodnight pillow…Goodnight nose…Goodnight toes
Nibbles: *starts yanking his toes* Where mama toes?
NP : Mama’s toes are going for a walk because they don’t want to sleep. Bye!

NP tosses the uselessly unsopoforic blanket away and walks towards door, cursing self for recently ending the blissful days when the ol’ boob would do the trick.

NP : Nibbles, aren’t you coming?
Nibbles: Mama sleep.

NP walks towards Nibbles, hopes rising like an unwatched pot of boiling chai.
NP : Song?
Nibbles: No song. So ja, so ja (sleep, sleep).

And so he gestured, as he picked up my hand and made me pat him to sleep under artificial airconditioning and incessant ticktocking.

In all the never-ending hours of exhaustion dragging me towards the end of the day, I can’t remember a time where I’d wanted so desperately to stay awake because I hadn’t had enough of what the world had to offer. I can’t imagine wanting to revive overworked muscles to hear one more song, read one more book and play one more round of How Many Belly Jumps Will It Take To Make My Papa Turn Purple.

Somewhere along those hours of waiting to hit the sack and dreading getting out of it, I’ve let those moments that matter slip into nothingness. I’ll be damned if I don’t join Nibbles tomorrow morning (irrespective of caffeine levels) and shout with renewed delight everytime she swooshes past the window, “Birdieee! Come ‘eeere!”