Sometimes, with Nibbles and I, this whole parenting routine seems to be working upside down. For instance, Nibbles has taught me that using utensils to grab food from a plate is for dummies. Diving into the plate with one’s mouth wide open is far more effective.

This epiphany kicked in as I was browsing this afternoon and a trickle of gooey Nutella (should this stuff be legal?) fell on my laptop and I unconsciously proceeded to lap the top, leaving no sticky evidence behind. If you think that’s gross, nothing beats the uncivilized freedom of burping out loud from your cubicle and giggling – till you find your boss eye-rolling you instead of a proud Nibbles cheering you on.

All I can say is that I hope Nibbles doesn’t begin to think that mooning is funny or else I’m going to get arrested in a sleep-deprived haze on the PATH.