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The CoHo ambled along, under the ominous dark cloud that hovered above Wall Street. Like everyone else on The Street, she thought, “A gazillion, well-qualified people laid off in a heartbeat. There go my days of surfin’ the net and rakin’ a hefty bonus.” She also thought, “Perhaps some spots in corporate daycare would open up” *gulp* That’s just like a good CoHo – looking out for the bottomline while the rest of the world is screwed.

But seriously though, who registers a foetus at daycare? Granted, it’s much easier thinking about going back to work before you’ve had a chance to know your baby. She had no idea her lil’ rat had entered the race the second he was conceived. “That’s it!” decided The CoHo, “I’m heading home and sharing a tub of chocolate ice-cream with Nibbles while we watch some brain-numbing television”.

As she clutched her fourth cup of tea, she could almost smell the nutella-swirled muffins she’d baked for her first PTA meeting.