During my blog break, my only online indulgence was – lurking around food blogs. There, I said it. The pseudo-feminist that proudly clings onto her I-only-cook-maggi badge almost caved in. It was something about a homemaker having to revamp the nutriotional profile of the household and teaching Big Byte that chicken does not count as a vegetable…Anyways, I quickly realized that I neither had nor understood several of the ingredients/techniques mentioned, so I settled for salivating at the gorgeous pics of culinary masterpieces.

I’m also in the middle of a frustrating crisis right now. There’s a half-eaten box of oreos wasting away in the cabinet and no vanilla ice-cream to mash them into. Wtf! Milk, you say? Bah! That’s for kids. Speaking of which, I need to get Nibbles started on cow’s milk. i’st hrad ot eypt hitw ingfers osscred.