Fuck Murphy and his stupid law. Or maybe it is my intellect that is running opposite to Moore’s law, whereby the amount of information I can process is exponentially declining.

I’d freaked out during my pregnancy when I read that the maternal brain size shrinks all the way up to labor. In fact, it was probably my paranoia that kept my neurons chiseled till I delivered a kickass project, right before I delivered Nibbles.

The research was not all gloom though – the brain was supposed to magically bounce back to its “normal” size within 6 months postpartum. I for one have come to believe that neurons gone, are neurons lost forever. Just like the abdominal flab is here to stay, safely tucked into elastic-wasited trackpants.

Seriously though, why would anyone let a solitary human being re-write the trade booking system with critical business impact and not have anyone else review/test it? It could’ve been beautiful – everything working smoothly, continents shifting without anyone noticing. And the glory would’ve been everyone’s to bask in, perhaps with an extra zero at the year-end compensation? But one lousy human error, and it gets mighty toasty for a scapegoat getting grilled. What can I say? Hold off on the salt, please.

Edited to Add: Nibbles just gave me a huge, gooey, banana-mouth-filled kiss that totally smacked all the blahness away. I suppose the lil’ goo monster knew that’s exactly what I needed. Yay!