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Took Nibbles out for a stroll today and bumped into an old neighbour.
He: “Ah, so this is lil’ Big Byte, eh?”.
NP: “Yup, sure is”
He: *does a quick scan* “Six months?”
NP: “uh…Eight actually”
He: “Oh!”

What? What? Is Nibbles too skinny? Maybe I should invest in some desi ghee after all. Damn carrot-apple mish-mashes. He’s not drinking enough milk. Maybe because I’m feeding him too many solids? Or maybe he needs more. I mumbled along and bumped into an old Filipino nanny that began the whole cooing+monkey face routine for Nibbles, so I stopped.

She: “Cute baby. How many months?”
NP: *nervously* “Eight”
She: “Laaa! He’s pretty big for eight months!”

Fuck ’em. I give up.