For the longest time, music had died in the Byte household. I’ve finally had the chance to let the music creep back in to our silent lives and figure out if Nibbles is a music person too. Without further ado, as requested by Impedimenta, here’s the musical journey we’ve taken so far:

The night Nibbles was conceived, Big Byte and I were listening to jazz at The Garage. I’m not a jazz fan, but I’m a sucker for the magic of live music.

As a foetus, Nibbles was not subjected to Mozart, M.S. Subbulakshmi or any other classical music. I did receive a lot of criticism for that, but I wasn’t interested in prepping my unborn child for the rat race. He did hear a lot of the Top 20 countdown playing on the car’s radio, including:
Hey There Delialah by the Plain White Ts (nothing beats acoustic)
Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston (typical reggae happy music)
Runaway Love by Ludacris ft. MAry J. Blige (‘sup to my Hotlanta homie)

During my last trimester, I remember Nibbles being wide awake when I was at the theater watching Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. I tried playing the soundtrack after he was born to look for signs of recognition (no idea if it worked. Wasn’t a very controlled experiment to begin with, because Nibbles responded quickly and intensely to any sound).
First song I ever sang to Nibbles when he was handed over to me at the delivery room: Don’t Cry by GnR (no, I didn’t sing to my pregnant belly. Felt too weird).

I grew up on The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins and the lot. I feel like quite the Nancy singing his favorite from Oliver Twist: I’ll Do Anything. And to this date, Nibbles gives me the widest grin during this adaptation of an oldie:
Oh Nibbles! I am but a fool,
Daaahling I love you, though you treat me cruel!
You hurt me, and you made me cry,
But if you leave me, I will surely dieeee.

Amma was here for the first 7 weeks, and she’d rock Nibbles between 2-4am singing the same lullabies that little ol’ me would drift off to. I’d hum Jaag Ja from Omkara (I know, it’s a wake up song but it calmed him down to sleep).

*fastfowarding quiet, musically starved months*

Nowadays, we listen to Bollywood/Pop numbers that Big Byte downloaded on my laptop. Here’s a random sampling:
Right here Right now from BluffMaster (great SAHM-baby theme song if you ask me)
Pal Pal Pal from Lage raho Munna Bhai (another SAHM-baby number. The whole soundtrack plays during Nibbles’ meals)
Choti Si Asha from Roja (Gotta have Rahman. Nibbles loved this instantly)
O Sanam by Lucky Ali
Hare Ram Hare Ram from Bhool Bhulaiya (my niece in Baroda sings this for Nibbles over the phone)
Subah Subah from I See You
Kabhi by Josh
Dhaani by Strings
Agar Main Kahoon from Lakshya
Simirik by Tarkan

I must admit, my snooty ass wouldn’t have gone anywhere near a bollywood playlist a decade ago. I still hope to provide Nibbles a decent education that includes all-time greats like Floyd, Jimi, Jim, Nirvana, Led Zep, the occassional Elliott Smith, maybe even Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday (It will be hard explaining the drugs and suicides, but you don’t need to be a pothead to get drugged on great music). In any case, Nibbles seems to enjoy the what’s playing now, so let the beat go on!