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It’s about time I got off my keister and confessed – I’ve opted to work part-time, mostly from home, gracing The Office with my glorious self only once a week. After pulling the whole Goldilocks routine on Dream Company – no this schedule is too many hours in the office, no this one’s too many hours at home…ah, but this nifty schedule has the perfect balance of work and home hours. Slurrrp!

I know, it’s criminal to have so much luck concentrated into one person, but yup – I’m testing it to the max. My reasons for doing so have been beaten to first solids puree consistency and none of them have changed. This just might be the right decision for me because I’m no longer a bawling, slobbery mess when I come back home to my Nibbles and I can actually focus on work without the suffocating guilt.

Damn! It was so easy to judge every mom’s decision pre-Nibbles. Today, if I see a mom who’s been brave enough to make a parenting decision with her heart and mind intact, I say r-e-s-p-e-c-t sistah!