It’s official. I’m a hopeless blogaholic. That would explain the silly jig I did when Ceekay tagged me – my very first tag – w00t! Except that I’ve already taken to procrastinating, so must chop chop:

A -Available? For Nibbles, Nutella and coffee? Always. Movies, eating out and getting drunk? Not anymore.
B-Best friend: Stopped naming them (post fodder)
C-Cake or Pie? Yes please! Actually cake, death by chocolatey kind of cake. More chocolate than cake. Ok, I want chocolate.
D-Drink of choice: Margarita, Vodka n’ sprite, Filter Coffee.
E-Essential thing used everyday: Internet
F-Favourite colour: Black. What? It is too a color! Ok fine – over the years I’ve developed some respect for orange, but it’s no where close to being a favorite. I tend to play safe with blue, only dared to wear pink when pregnant.
G-Gummi bears or worms: Which one has the tequila shot in them?
H-Hometown: Home is where Big Byte and Nibbles are.
I-Indulgence: Internet (blurry lines when essential things morph into indulgences)
J-January or February: Neither, unless there’s hot chocolate. 
K-Kids and names: The inimitable, fantabulous Nibbles. yay!
L-Life: Is finally worth it. And caffeine makes it better.
M-Marriage date: September, 2005
N-Number of siblings: One lil’ bro. Should Nibbles have one too? *ducks in case a sleep-deprived Big Byte sees this*
O-Oranges or apples: Stop comparing them already!
P-Phobias: Germs, smell of food lingering on clothes/bedsheets, talking on the phone.
Q-Quote: single or double? Ok, that’s totally lame, but I’m not a big quoter. I do like this one I remembered after Sue’s post: “In a society of the insane, the sick are well”.
R-Reason to smile: Right now? The bold, full-bloom roses that Big Byte scrambled to get on V day. For a change, I say fuck the anti-commercialism of Valentine’s day.
S-Season: Always the one that just passed. 
T-Tag three people: PriyaMummyjaan, Mona (miss her!)
U-Unknown fact about me: Quick, what is it?
V-Vegetable you do not like: Celery (thanks for reminding me Ceekay). And yet, I try them every single time they accompany spicy buffalo wings, hoping they’ll taste different.
W-Worst habit: Pessimistic bitching, slacking off, gluttony, obsessive compulsiveness, parental paranoia, inability to live in the present, self-deprecation.
X-x-rays you have had: Chest, teeth *yawn*. Ultrasounds were way cooler.
Y-Your favorite food: I refuse to discriminate against the diverse collection of all things edible. Extra spice and cheese almost always helps.
Z-Zodiac: Leo. RoaaAAR!
Ok, so this tag has left me feeling a tad vulnerable and in desperate need for a molten chocolate cake. Weird how my food cravings are so much stronger when I’m not pregnant.