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oatmeal.jpgLately, I’ve been obsessed with increasing  my milk supply, thanks to half empty pumped bottles I bring home for a starving Nibbles. Naturally preferring remedies of the edible kind, I decided to try my hand at some galactogogues. I enjoyed pigging out on fenugreek (methi) paranthas and sipped cups of yogi tea, but I must admit, my surprise favorite is Oatmeal. Yes, oatmeal, in all its soggy gooeyness, with random bites of raisins and granola and a swirl of brown sugar to punctuate the yumminess. I’ve always had a weakness for goo, and I’m so glad it has such a healthy form. Let’s hope this miracle food has some advice for the ol’ mammary glands. Can’t wait to share this with Nibbles once he gets started on solids *slurp!*